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7 Best Restaurants To Dine In Newquay

Newquay, the premier holiday resort in Cornwall, is best known for surfing and other extreme water adventures. The beaches are spectacular and the woodlands are also captivating. Families and groups of friends visit the place this coastal resort to surf, swim and hike the Cornish coast. However a holiday wouldnt be a holiday without sampling some of the great local restaurants in this tourist town. And thanks to the quality of its dining establishments, Newquay is becoming a destination itself for restaurant loving foodies. Here are 7 best restaurants to visit in Newquay, Cornwall:

Fistral Beach Stable Many Stable restaurants exist all over the west, but the Fistral Beach place is considered king. The sumptuous food and the overlooking view of the North Cornish coast completes the top notch restaurant experience. So if you're looking for pizza and pie with a delightful atmosphere, go for the Fistral Beach Stable.

The Dolphin Experience traditional and exquisite dining at the Dophin Bar and Restaurant. Their English contemporary cuisine is unparalleled and their service is exceptional, the main reasons why this oldest restaurant still thrives in the business until today. People young and old prefer their seafood and meat dishes, fresh from the nearby farms. The Dolphin is roughly considered a trademark of the true Cornish cuisine.

Kahuna If you're looking for decadent Asian Cuisine, Kahuna restaurant is the best place to dine. The interiors exemplify modern yet classy design. The service is fantastic. The menu is excellent. They serve Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian food. You can experience the Eastern mix of spices in an order of red mullet and octopus. Your ordinary spring rolls can turn high class at Kahuna. Because high-calibre Asian restaurants are limited in the area, it's recommended to book early.

The Fish House What better way to end your surfing adventure than with a nice meal at the Fish House in Fistral? Their British Mediterranean meals will surely fill you up. The decors inside the restaurant adds to the cheerfulness of the place. The beach view is simply spectacular. Not one customer left with a complaint. In fact, many are still enamoured even on their third visit. Try their John Dory dish now.

Gusto Deli Bar Now for those lovers of fresh veggies and burgers, Gusto Deli Bar is the perfect location for you. For reasonable prices, you get quality food in a box. Many customers set it apart from other chains because of its inviting atmosphere. If you want takeaway food without compromising quality, then this deli is the one for you.

Bush Pepper Craving for homemade style food? Bush Pepper befits your taste. They serve a fusion of cuisines from Mediterranean to Australian. The service, according to reviews, is also above par. You may want to try their crocodile croquettes on your visit to Newquay.

Truscotts If youre on a tight budget but never want to compromise quality, you can dine at Truscotts. Their meals are served in big portions and reasonably priced. People never seem to get enough of their signature fish and chips.

The list can go on, but insofar the top 7 places to dine at Newquay are ready for your visit. Many of these restaurants are located close to Newquays holiday premises, such as the Rocklands Newquay holiday apartments, so they are easily accessible on foot for holidaymakers and tourists.


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