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Accommodation Options For Large Company Events

Big companies sometimes need to plan corporate events that would involve a number of employees or managers. Whether its for a top management planning session, a team building activity or simply a company event, it can be difficult to find enough space for such big groups.

Beyond just finding enough space, some require also sleeping quarters for many people and other special facilities like huge halls, smaller meeting rooms, sufficient Internet connection and possibility for video streaming. Moreover, everyone will need to eat, so a kitchen and eating space for large groups are necessary.

Do not worry, though, because here are some wonderful facilities all over the UK that are available for your meetings and conferences that can meet all your needs.

1. Park Hall Estate, Worcestershire

This is a country estate found in Worcestershire, with a total land space of 130 acres. If the space is not impressive enough, you will be sold on the top facilities that are also offered. They offer various rooms that suit different needs, for example, for smaller management meetings, you can opt for the smallest room that is perfect for 6 people. However, they also have enough for 120 participants! This way, you are assured there is enough space for everyone. The place can also be rented for as short as half a day to several days.

2. Burncoose House, Cornwall For smaller corporate groups, Burncoose House is the perfect getaway. This large, luxury house has been lovingly renovated as one of the finest country houses in Cornwall. Its close to the coast for water sports, while the estate offers a great base for shooting holidays.

3. Middle Stanley Farm, Cotswolds

This Cotswolds farm does not just offer you enough space for up to 40 people, they also have high-tech audio-visual equipment for your presentations and videos. So if you are having your corporate meeting here, you would not have to worry about bringing these with you or renting them.

If you need space for some smaller group discussions or work, there are many breakout areas at your disposal. In fact, the farm is able to combine the antique look of the facilities with outstanding business amenities. You will definitely find the wooden beams or the open fireplaces inviting and suitable for more laid-back dinners and after-work drinks. Accommodation is also available here.

4. Skendleby Hall, Lincolnshire

In combination with the local facilities found nearby, this site is really one of the best places to bring your company for a big event or a conference. The owners, first of all, are very accommodating and will make sure that everyone is well-catered.

This location is the best if you are looking to combine business meetings with team building or leisure activities because the Woodhall Spa Golf Club can be found in the neighbourhood. You can incorporate a few rounds into your schedule and allow your employees to loosen up and bond. In one trip, you are able to combine serious discussions and time to relax!

These are only four of the large accommodation options that can cater to you and your colleagues if you are looking for the perfect place for your company outing or conference. With all the space and the all-important amenities that you need, they are great alternatives to hotels. However, in comparison, you also get to enjoy grounds that you can use, and privacy that you are looking for.


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