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Bamboo Fibre Is An Environmentally Friendly Choice For Clothing

Bamboo is a pretty amazing plant. The entire plant, including leaves and stalks, can be easily turned into soft, silky bamboo fibre. Bamboo is found in many places and there are 1,250 different species. Most of these are found in the tropics, altho China has a number of species as well. China is the largest bamboo producing country in the world. Bamboo is used for a variety of purposes and is one of the most sustainable materials available.

Bamboo is used as food with shoots that are very edible and widely exported. Bamboo is also used in construction, both as a flooring material and for timber. It is often used to create decorative items that may be utilized both indoors and outdoors. One of the most popular uses for bamboo is to create fibre which is then turned into clothing and linens.

When bamboo is harvested to make fiber, the bamboo is usually four to five years old. Once processed, the material has a silky feel but is much more affordable than traditional silk. Bamboo fiber is also easier to care for than silk, dries quickly, and is resistant to wrinkling. Bamboo material is also great for baby clothes because it has some SPF components and is naturally anti-bacterial.

Bamboo material comes in two types. There is degummed natural bamboo and regenerated bamboo. Degummed natural bamboo is created with no chemical additives and results in a non-cotton vegetable fiber. Regenerated bamboo is produced either chemically or mechanically and is considered to be a man-made material.

Another way to process bamboo is through the Lyocell process. This process is seen as environmentally friendly and more sustainable than other types of chemical processes. During production, almost 99.5 percent of all chemicals are trapped and recycled. All of these processes produce a material that can be used to make clothing and other types of products.

Bamboo is considered superior in both durability and strength to cotton. It also dries much more quickly than cotton and is especially useful for making sports and active wear. The bamboo fabric naturally helps evaporate moisture, wicking it away from the body and helping keep the body cool.

Bamboo fabric can be produced in ways that are very environmentally friendly and which are sustainable. This makes bamboo fibre a good choice when purchasing new clothing. Its added benefits of being strong and durable, as well as silky smooth, make it an even better choice for garments and linens such as bamboo running socks.


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