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Best Mediterranean Cruises For Singles

A cruise is an ideal holiday for those travelling on their own, as there is so much to do and you never have to sit in the dining room on your own as you have to if you stay in a hotel. When you book you are given the choice of which sitting you want for dinner and the size of table you want to sit at. No one is ever put at a table on his or her own and the best choice is to ask for a large table. This is generally for eight or ten people so there will always be someone you get on with.

Some cruise lines will put all the single travellers at one table, not to match anyone up but because they all have something in common, they are cruising alone. The main drawback to booking a Mediterranean Cruise on your own is the single supplement, which hikes up the fare. But you will find many of the major cruise lines have special offers throughout the year where no single supplement is charged.

Certain travel agencies also have a section for single cruises. Again this is not to find a life partner but designed to offer you a great holiday without having to pay a hefty single supplement. You will get a double cabin to yourself as cruise liners have very few single cabins these days and there will be both inside and outside cabins on offer but usually the cheaper ones get snapped up first.

One of the best cruise itineraries you can choose is to cruise round the Mediterranean where it is normal to get wall-to-wall sunshine. If you are not fond of flying you should look for a cruise that sails and returns to the UK. Major cruise terminals are situated in Southampton and Dover, which is the ports the major cruise, companies use.

Ports around the Mediterranean offer golden beaches and warm seas, chic locations along the French and Italian Rivieras and quaint little Greek villages. You will find calmer seas when sailing in the Mediterranean compared to the Atlantic or English Channel.

If you want to escape the English winter you can fly out to join a ship in a few hours and cruise round the Mediterranean in style. The best Mediterranean cruises for singles is a matter of choice. If you do not mind being in and out of port every day choose a 7-day cruise but if you want more days at sea go for a longer one 12-14 days.

One thing to look for, apart from no single supplement and the size of the table, is whether your ship can tie up alongside; some of the larger liners cannot do this, as they are too big. This means going ashore by tender or one of the ships lifeboats so if you want to just step off the ship look for this when you book. Cannes is one port where you do have to land by launch and sometimes the crossing can be rough.


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