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New York - The Greatest City In The World

It is not new to hear that New York is the greatest city in the world. People from different parts of the globe have come across with at least one movie, song, or even photo that emphasizes New York as the best place to live in and to experience life. Why? Because the Big Apple is the heart of culture, nature, entertainment, fashion, and even people. So how do you experience all these things when you go to New York? Here is a list of the things you can do and go to to make the most out of your New York experience.

Explore the Met : Have you ever went to a museum whose art and culture were so extensive you dont have the time to see them all? Well the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Met, is exactly like this. It is so big and packed with different cultures that you need at least two days to go around and soak up the art that surrounds you. It has collections from across the world like Egypt, Rome, and Greece. While these are permanent collections, there are some exhibits only present for a limited time. There is also a cafe and cocktail bar in the museum itself.

Central Park : In the middle of the bustling city is Central Park. Other great travel destinations like London in the United Kingdom have great parks but New York's is something special. Central Park is around 843 acres and you can do all sorts of activities here. You can walk your dog, jog, have a picnic, or just sit on the benches observing the people enjoying the sun. There are also tourist destinations inside the park like sailboats at the Conservatory Water, Bow Bridge, and Belvedere Castle on Vista Rock. Although there is a bunch of other things to do in the park, visitors have their own favorite thing to do there. This is to be expected since the park has around 48 fountains, 36 bridges, and 20 playgrounds. Add to that the many interactive activities and people like magicians, mascots, and park goers themselves.

Fifth Avenue: When it comes to shopping, New York does not fall behind. From Washington Square until the 143rd Street, the avenue is a long array of lavish retail stores. Shops like Gucci, Versace, Ferragamo and much more await to give you the perfect apparel or accessory. However, it is not just a shopping district. At Fifth Avenue, you can drop by St. Patricks Cathedral which rises up with a gothic facade. The church is tall itself with large looming spires on its roof. This is also where the Archbishop works.

Times Square : Almost everyone who goes to visit New York takes a picture of Times Square. Not only because it is a famous tourist destination, it is also where New York is best portrayed. At night, Times Square comes alive with flashing lights, Broadway billboards and a flock of people coming from work. This is also the place where Broadway musicals are watched. One of its most famous events is New Years Eve. New Years Eve at Times Square is an annual event where millions of people await the much-celebrated ball drop. It has been a celebration ever since 1907 and continues today to give people, not just Americans, a more hopeful and awe-inspiring New Year.


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