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Romantic Winter Activities For Couples In Cornwall

You might think that winter is no time to visit Cornwall for a holiday, because of the cold and nasty weather. You would not be able to enjoy a swim at the beach and other water activities, for sure, but theres enough for you and your partner to have a great holiday. After all, if you are looking for some peace and quiet, this is the time and place to find it. And after being so busy and stressed back home, it is definitely good for your relationship to be able to reconnect with each other. Here are some activities you can still do during a winter vacation in Cornwall.

1. Take a walk

How many times have you found yourselves too busy and always in a hurry to just take a nice leisurely walk while holding hands? Not only will you find the best views for a romantic stroll, you will also be chilly enough to want to cuddle and warm each other up along the way. If you are not sure which path to take, go for the walk between Boscastle to Valency Valley and Fire Beacon Point. The most romantic option is about 5.4 miles, but you will be rewarded with views of the coast, the famous Boscastle Harbour, a waterfall and even a remote church along the way.

2. Cuddle up in front of a fire

Make sure to choose a romantic cottage with a fireplace, and stay in for the night after a home-cooked dinner and some wine. This is also the best time to just chat freely about anything and everything and spend some badly needed time together. Youll be spoilt for choice for places to stay. Choose a quiet village for your short break. There are some beautifully, romantic self catering cottages in Porthleven on Cornwalls south coast. Otherwise try scenic St Agnes or sensational Sennen Cove for quaint cottages and fireside chats.

3. Go for a couples spa day

Most couples have services for couples so you can both relax and be pampered together. What sets Cornish spas apart from the rest is that they have panoramic views of the ocean. You can stay warm in a hot tub on top of the cliff and wash the waves crashing into the rocks below.

4. Wander through cobbled streets together

Explore these small coastal villages together, shopping in these small stores without the usual summer crowds. You can also explore museums and harbours together and afterward, sit down together for a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Fowey, Padstow and St Ives would all fit the bill for this romantic activity.

5. Have a romantic dinner

Cornwall has some wonderful restaurants to try out, and you might find them more quiet and suitable for a romantic dinner when there are not as many tourists around. You can easily expect to get the best table every time and you can really enjoy every bite and sip. they the many fine tourist restaurants in Porthleven, Padstow or Falmouth - three key culinary destinations in Cornwall.

6. Watch the winter storms

These wonderful cliffs were shaped by the waves crashing into the rocks for millions of years. It is really incredible, how such force can eventually create these breathtaking sites. If you happen to have booked at a time when the weather is stormy, you can stay in your own cottage or even head over to the Ship Inn at Porthleven or the Queens Hotel in Penzance for a better look.

There is more than just the factor of price that should drive you to spend a winter holiday instead in Cornwall. Sure, the cottages are cheaper but you also take advantage of not having to beat the summer crowds. This way, you can really have a chance to spend more time alone and rekindle the romance.


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