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Top Five Holiday Activities In Cornwall For Free

Travelling to Cornwall in the south west of England with several children can represent a big cost in your expenses. Just imagine paying entrance fees for a family of five or six in an Amusement park, not to mention food and accommodation for everyone. However, who said that you need to spend so much money just to have fun?

If you are visiting for a holiday, there are many affordable holiday cottages in Cornwall, plus hotels, campsites and other tourist accommodation, as well many fantastic family-friendly visitor attractions and activities you can do that would cost you nothing:

Enjoy the beach

The highlight of a holiday in Cornwall is the 250 miles of coastline it offers, filled with many wonderful beaches. In fact, you will never be so far away from any beach and it will not be impossible to find a quiet or less busy one. Not only is it for free, but you can also expect some public amenities like toilets, showers, and even lifeguards to protect visitors. 

Your children will certainly love one of the best beaches in the world. Just pack your beach towel and some sunscreen, you can easily spend half or the whole day swimming or sunbathing while your little ones build sandcastles.

Visit Heartlands

Close to Redruth, this is the best place to visit on vacation regardless of weather. This 19 acre facility has botanical gardens, exhibitions, an outdoor play area, an arts and crafts centre and even a café. You can also catch some of the free events the whole year round, like farmers markets to shows.

Go to a wildlife sanctuary

Children love animals, and there are many wildlife centres in Cornwall that allow them to visit and interact with rescued and sheltered animals. They are mostly for free, but since they house injured or mistreated animals, they are open to donations that will help them continue their good work.

Take a walk

Hiking is always for free, but in Cornwall, it is simply a must do holiday activity. The whole region boasts some of the best landscapes in the country, from beaches to cliffs and of course, the wonderful countryside. Walking is also very organized, as there are more than 2,400 miles of paths and the breathtaking 300 mile South West Coast Path for you to choose from. Although it wont be possible to see everything in one day, you can spend a nice afternoon by packing up some food, going for a walk and having a picnic on a wonderful spot.

5. Drop by Roskillys

Located near St Keverne, this is a highly recommended stop for families and kids who would love to see a real live organic farm. Watch cows being milked and feed the other barn animals. They also sell some products like ice cream made from their own milk. They also have a shop where you can buy other products. Even better, this is a free trip where you can bring your dog with you. 

Holidaymakers come to Cornwall to enjoy nature and the landscape that the region has to offer. So why would you need to go anywhere expensive to have a good day? The towns and beaches already offer numerous activities to make your holiday memorable!


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