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Understanding The Hip Hop Dancing Styles

The hip hop dancing style has been around for several decades, and it hits the entertainment scene with a lot of force. The hip hop style is seen as one of the most influential dancing styles in modern days than ever before. The style begun on the humble urban center street corners as street dancers portrayed their moves to passengers who marveled at those great talents. You can look here for more tips on other dancing styles.

The original hip hop dance styles captivated the viewers for a few minutes that made it a routine. This beat was an innovation of individuals who love to generate and move towards a good beat and not professional chirographers. The acrobatics contributed significantly to the development of the hip-hop dancing that popularized break-dancing on the streets of New York. It took a lot of dancing skills to achieve some of the complicated performance styles that were choreographed to urban dancing beats. We currently experience several dancing moves within this genre of dancing. Here are some of the popular hip hops dancing styles in the music industry.

The Locking Hip Hop Dance Style

In this hip hop move, the dancers lock themselves into a particular position before moving out. It does not appreciate the approach of having a smooth transition from one step to another. Rocking has its roots in the early 1960s in the Southern California region. Most of these robotic dance styles originated from the early west coast locking days.

The Free Style Dance Style

In this performance, the dancer entirely relies on the rhythm, melody, and musical beat and other factors attributed to singing that influence the moves and the ultimate routine. The Freestyle hip hop dance assists when you have an arsenal of dance moves to pull out.

The Breaking Hip Hop Dance Style

Breaking is one of the earliest hip-hop dancing styles. The dancing style originated from the humble street corners of the great New York City. This is a physically demanding dance style that requires a lot of coordination and enthusiasm. Only qualified hip hop dancers can perform this type of moves. Some of the breaking hip-hop performances are incredible to watch. You will be left wondering how the dancers make these moves. These dancing moves have a remarkable flexibility, agility, and strength. There is no need no need to fear because you can learn this dance style even if you are a complete beginner. You can join a local dance team once you have mastered some of the simple hip hop moves. Video learning is more efficient if you want to learn hip hop rather than reading from books. You can come across excellent sites that offer hip hop lessons online.

Online hip-hop lessons teens are useful in assisting beginners to learn different dance moves and styles. The curriculum should include clean moves and music to encourage upcoming and young dancers to participate. The course is unique because you are always in full control. You have to pick the combos, moves, and warm ups during the training. Its an excellent dancing style that you can consider investing your time.


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