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Winter In Malaga And The Costa Del Sol

Although my family owns a second home on the Costa Blanca which I love, it can get quite cool there in the winter. For this reason, the last few winters I have spent several months further south in Malaga. Winter is a special season in Malaga and the Costa del Sol in general. Everything is a bit quieter, there are fewer tourists and the sun is not so hot. But travelers can enjoy the pleasant temperatures on this beautiful coastline and the turquoise sea. Prices are affordable during the winter season, and you can benefit of it!

Why winter is special in Malaga

The climate and the weather in the months of January and February that are described as winter in Malaga would be described as early autumn in the UK. however, places that are higher than 800 metres are sometimes covered with snow.

The daytime temperature is sometimes only at 11-15º C, but mostly sunny with now and then fresh wind. If one is sun-spoiled, these temperatures may seem cold and you might see locals with scarf and gloves. Similarly, cool rainy days are possible.

During the nights the temperature hardly ever drops below the 6ºC mark. January and February are by far the coldest months in Malaga. So if you´re booking a long term holiday in a hotel or apartment, make sure that a heating facility is provided.

What do do in Malaga during winter?

In the winter months you can visit the many museums in Malaga and the numerous attractions in the province. You can do day trips and tours or put together a tour with a car hire.

You could also take a trip to the Sierra Nevada, a national Park located between the provinces of Granada and Almeria. Here one finds the highest peak of mainland Spain and the southernmost ski area in Europe, Pradollano. The village is situated about 160 km and about 2 hours drive from Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

There are different accesses from the coast, from Malaga to Granada and from there to the Sierra Nevada which is only 36 km. The ski season runs from late November to early May. There are plenty of hotels and apartments.

Skiing holiday in Andalusia

You might associate Spain with sunshine, but snow and skiing in Spain features prominently in winter vacation and travel guides.Anyone who is interested in a ski vacation in the Sierra Nevada can find excellent information available on the internet.

For nature lovers and hikers there is also the Sierra de las Nieves, a nature park in the province of Malaga, with a beautiful flora and fauna.

In summary: If you opt for a long term stay in Malaga, you will escape the cold winter in Europe. The winter as such does not exist in Malaga; rather autumn turns into spring. For such holidays a long term car hire in Malaga is recommended.

Although there may be rainy cool days, the eye is continuously blessed with fresh green grass and flowering plants and flowers. The deserted beaches invite for long walks, the air is crisp and clean and there is almost nothing better than after a few days of rain, when the sun shines with undiminished strength in a clean blue sky and we set off for a short walk along the beach promenade.

And while we feel the sun pleasantly warm on the skin, we can see on a clear day from the beach promenade in Fuengirola the majestic, snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada under a deep blue sky. A truly great feeling! Malaga and the Costa del Sol are truly a paradise spot on earth.


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