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About The Brown-backed Parrotlet

The brown-backed parrotlet is a species that goes by a number of different names, include the black eared parrotlet, Wied's parrotlet and the black backed parrotlet. The species is, like most parrotlet birds, a small species of parrot, averaging around 6 inches (15 centimeters) in height. The species lives in Southeastern Brazil with a range between Bahia and the southern end of Sao Paulo. Little is known of the species, and it has been studied mostly in the low set montane evergreen forests of its range. It generally lives at a height of between 500 to 1,200 meters (1,600 to 3,900 feet), but in other parts of its range, particularly tie Itatiaia National Park, it goes as high as 1,400 meters (4,600 feet) while elsewhere in Bahia and Sao Paulo, it is found very near to sea level.

The brown-backed parrotlet is a mystery to most scientists. Many researchers suspect seasonal migrations or seasonal dispersals, but other researchers believe these behaviors are little more than short movements between altitudes rather than true migration or dispersal. Its diet is mostly unknown, but it subsists heavily the larger leguminous seeds and a variety of fruits, particularly the fruit of the clusia plants, as well as the fruits of parasitic mistletoe plants native to its lands. Observations of the bird eating clusia fruits are few and somewhat inclusive. Even the species' breeding season is unknown for certain, though some research hints that the breeding season is between the months of September and October. The main difference between young birds and older birds of these species is the coloration of their orbital ring (which is paler in younger birds) and the color of their cere (older birds have a dark grey cere, while younger birds have a more flesh colored cere).

The coloration of these birds is quite vivid despite the species' shyness, and gets its name from the dark brown back feathers, mantle feathers and tertial feathers. Brown and black feathers also occur around the scapulars, while most of the rest of the rest of the bird is a bright green color, with noticeable blue and red feathers around the wings. It lives most of its life in the upper canopies of the forests it lives in, making its study difficult to say the least. However, its calls are quite distinctive, and have a number of rattling notes that have allowed experienced locals of the region to identify the birds without seeing them.

Never a common bird, even two hundred years ago, the species is listed on the IUCN's Red List as Endangered. The species is never found in captivity barring the illicit wild bird trade that is outlawed under a number of national and international conventions and laws forbidding the trapping and keeping of birds so critically endangered. Given as so little is known about the species, even capturing one (a highly unlikely event in and of itself) will typically lead to the parrot dying before it can even be put in a human cage.

Top Five Holiday Activities In Cornwall For Free

Travelling to Cornwall in the south west of England with several children can represent a big cost in your expenses. Just imagine paying entrance fees for a family of five or six in an Amusement park, not to mention food and accommodation for everyone. However, who said that you need to spend so much money just to have fun?

If you are visiting for a holiday, there are many affordable holiday cottages in Cornwall, plus hotels, campsites and other tourist accommodation, as well many fantastic family-friendly visitor attractions and activities you can do that would cost you nothing:

Enjoy the beach

The highlight of a holiday in Cornwall is the 250 miles of coastline it offers, filled with many wonderful beaches. In fact, you will never be so far away from any beach and it will not be impossible to find a quiet or less busy one. Not only is it for free, but you can also expect some public amenities like toilets, showers, and even lifeguards to protect visitors. 

Your children will certainly love one of the best beaches in the world. Just pack your beach towel and some sunscreen, you can easily spend half or the whole day swimming or sunbathing while your little ones build sandcastles.

Visit Heartlands

Close to Redruth, this is the best place to visit on vacation regardless of weather. This 19 acre facility has botanical gardens, exhibitions, an outdoor play area, an arts and crafts centre and even a café. You can also catch some of the free events the whole year round, like farmers markets to shows.

Go to a wildlife sanctuary

Children love animals, and there are many wildlife centres in Cornwall that allow them to visit and interact with rescued and sheltered animals. They are mostly for free, but since they house injured or mistreated animals, they are open to donations that will help them continue their good work.

Take a walk

Hiking is always for free, but in Cornwall, it is simply a must do holiday activity. The whole region boasts some of the best landscapes in the country, from beaches to cliffs and of course, the wonderful countryside. Walking is also very organized, as there are more than 2,400 miles of paths and the breathtaking 300 mile South West Coast Path for you to choose from. Although it wont be possible to see everything in one day, you can spend a nice afternoon by packing up some food, going for a walk and having a picnic on a wonderful spot.

5. Drop by Roskillys

Located near St Keverne, this is a highly recommended stop for families and kids who would love to see a real live organic farm. Watch cows being milked and feed the other barn animals. They also sell some products like ice cream made from their own milk. They also have a shop where you can buy other products. Even better, this is a free trip where you can bring your dog with you. 

Holidaymakers come to Cornwall to enjoy nature and the landscape that the region has to offer. So why would you need to go anywhere expensive to have a good day? The towns and beaches already offer numerous activities to make your holiday memorable!

Accommodation Options For Large Company Events

Big companies sometimes need to plan corporate events that would involve a number of employees or managers. Whether its for a top management planning session, a team building activity or simply a company event, it can be difficult to find enough space for such big groups.

Beyond just finding enough space, some require also sleeping quarters for many people and other special facilities like huge halls, smaller meeting rooms, sufficient Internet connection and possibility for video streaming. Moreover, everyone will need to eat, so a kitchen and eating space for large groups are necessary.

Do not worry, though, because here are some wonderful facilities all over the UK that are available for your meetings and conferences that can meet all your needs.

1. Park Hall Estate, Worcestershire

This is a country estate found in Worcestershire, with a total land space of 130 acres. If the space is not impressive enough, you will be sold on the top facilities that are also offered. They offer various rooms that suit different needs, for example, for smaller management meetings, you can opt for the smallest room that is perfect for 6 people. However, they also have enough for 120 participants! This way, you are assured there is enough space for everyone. The place can also be rented for as short as half a day to several days.

2. Burncoose House, Cornwall For smaller corporate groups, Burncoose House is the perfect getaway. This large, luxury house has been lovingly renovated as one of the finest country houses in Cornwall. Its close to the coast for water sports, while the estate offers a great base for shooting holidays.

3. Middle Stanley Farm, Cotswolds

This Cotswolds farm does not just offer you enough space for up to 40 people, they also have high-tech audio-visual equipment for your presentations and videos. So if you are having your corporate meeting here, you would not have to worry about bringing these with you or renting them.

If you need space for some smaller group discussions or work, there are many breakout areas at your disposal. In fact, the farm is able to combine the antique look of the facilities with outstanding business amenities. You will definitely find the wooden beams or the open fireplaces inviting and suitable for more laid-back dinners and after-work drinks. Accommodation is also available here.

4. Skendleby Hall, Lincolnshire

In combination with the local facilities found nearby, this site is really one of the best places to bring your company for a big event or a conference. The owners, first of all, are very accommodating and will make sure that everyone is well-catered.

This location is the best if you are looking to combine business meetings with team building or leisure activities because the Woodhall Spa Golf Club can be found in the neighbourhood. You can incorporate a few rounds into your schedule and allow your employees to loosen up and bond. In one trip, you are able to combine serious discussions and time to relax!

These are only four of the large accommodation options that can cater to you and your colleagues if you are looking for the perfect place for your company outing or conference. With all the space and the all-important amenities that you need, they are great alternatives to hotels. However, in comparison, you also get to enjoy grounds that you can use, and privacy that you are looking for.

Singing Techniques For Karaoke Vocal Singing

Singing techniques are very useful for any individual who wants his karaoke song to stand out from the rest. There is no difference between singing karaoke songs and other songs. However, the Karaoke KJ can alter the pitch and key of the karaoke song to enhance the performance. You can learn several singing techniques if you go here. You need to make sure that your voice matches the song in a better manner. The best way to achieve this is by employing excellent singing techniques. You need to start by learning and practicing karaoke singing techniques. Practicing will assist you to develop a better range and a stronger voice. You will be in a better position to hit more notes with a lot of ease. Your breath will last for a longer period and you will not have to stop in the middle of a line for you to take some breathe. Also, you will be a more relaxed karaoke performer, and your songs will sound better than ever before.

You will produce a better karaoke performance if you are relaxed. Its good to make sure that you remove any form of tension from your body especially the throat, neck, and upper body. One of the best tricks that work well is lying down if you want to feel relaxed. You can also flex and release each muscle starting from your toes upwards if you wish to release any tension from your body.

Keep your voice box low

You need to learn how to keep your voice box or larynx very low. You can feel this in the front part of your throat or neck. Place your hand on it and try to vocalize a note without allowing your larynx to rise. It may take a while, but you can go ahead to practice your karaoke performance while keeping your voice box down once you accomplish the objective.

Raising your soft palate

The palate is the soft area at the top back of your mouth, and you can feel it rising as you begin to yawn. When the palate rises, it opens up the throat. You should be keen to ensure that you raise the palate as you sing your karaoke songs. This position will assist you to produce an excellent singing voice.

Breathing with the diaphragm

The diaphragm is the region that lies below the cage. Breathing with the diaphragm is among the best karaoke techniques you need to learn if you have to release an excellent karaoke performance. It is nice to understand how to breathe with your diaphragm while singing. Make sure that you expand your lungs using all the space you have to broaden these membranes. You should not push out the air as you breathe out but allow it to escape with the musical notes that you are producing. It is naturally hard to achieve this objective, but constant practice will assist you to gain a strong voice that you can control with a lot of ease.


There is no difference between karaoke singing and other forms of performances. You need to produce a good voice even though the machine can assist you to adjust your pitch and tone. This article focuses on the techniques of enhancing your karaoke singing. Constant practice is the best way of gaining these skills.

Important Reminders When Buying Fishing Equipment

If you are looking to buy the right fishing equipment, it is essential to know what you need. There are many fishing equipment shops online and offline that are stocked with quality supplies. If you are a skilled fisherman, or you are just starting out, it is important to keep some reminders in mind when buying fishing equipment. Let us look at these. Many local stores out there sell expensive and cheap fishing products. However, you need fishing equipment such as a rod and reel that enables you to catch different sizes of fish. You can also go online to buy rods, reels, fishing knives and accessories like hooks, bobbers, sinkers, and much more. Be sure to choose different fishing products for a small lake and river fishing than for sea fishing. At online stores, you can order for fishing tools and supplies for every kind of fishing including ice fishing. Another thing to remember when looking for fishing equipment is the boat you will be using. Pay particular attention to what you will be wearing. Ask yourself if your trip is going to be a long one lasting for days or a short, simple same-day fishing trip. How long you will be staying will determine what you take along. Take appropriate clothing along to keep you warm and dry. You need the proper boating supplies for the waters in which you plan to fish. Therefore, when buying your fishing equipment, look at stores that have all you need. Stores offering discounts for fishing gear in bulk can also be looked at. It is wise also to deal with a reputable store whether online or offline. Stores that have experience supplying fishing equipment deserve your attention. But, you can get more facts about each store from reviews online or you can visit a shop and see for yourself. Check out if fishing equipment prices are alright for you. Compare product quality and always opt for a store that gives necessary supports and has an excellent customer service. It is nice to look at the kind of service you will be given when buying your fishing products. As you prepare to buy your fishing equipment equipment, you would do well to examine options available to you carefully and decide which fishing products will fit your fishing activities. Taking into consideration all reminders in this piece will help you to make the right decision when buying fishing equipment.

Understanding The Hip Hop Dancing Styles

The hip hop dancing style has been around for several decades, and it hits the entertainment scene with a lot of force. The hip hop style is seen as one of the most influential dancing styles in modern days than ever before. The style begun on the humble urban center street corners as street dancers portrayed their moves to passengers who marveled at those great talents. You can look here for more tips on other dancing styles.

The original hip hop dance styles captivated the viewers for a few minutes that made it a routine. This beat was an innovation of individuals who love to generate and move towards a good beat and not professional chirographers. The acrobatics contributed significantly to the development of the hip-hop dancing that popularized break-dancing on the streets of New York. It took a lot of dancing skills to achieve some of the complicated performance styles that were choreographed to urban dancing beats. We currently experience several dancing moves within this genre of dancing. Here are some of the popular hip hops dancing styles in the music industry.

The Locking Hip Hop Dance Style

In this hip hop move, the dancers lock themselves into a particular position before moving out. It does not appreciate the approach of having a smooth transition from one step to another. Rocking has its roots in the early 1960s in the Southern California region. Most of these robotic dance styles originated from the early west coast locking days.

The Free Style Dance Style

In this performance, the dancer entirely relies on the rhythm, melody, and musical beat and other factors attributed to singing that influence the moves and the ultimate routine. The Freestyle hip hop dance assists when you have an arsenal of dance moves to pull out.

The Breaking Hip Hop Dance Style

Breaking is one of the earliest hip-hop dancing styles. The dancing style originated from the humble street corners of the great New York City. This is a physically demanding dance style that requires a lot of coordination and enthusiasm. Only qualified hip hop dancers can perform this type of moves. Some of the breaking hip-hop performances are incredible to watch. You will be left wondering how the dancers make these moves. These dancing moves have a remarkable flexibility, agility, and strength. There is no need no need to fear because you can learn this dance style even if you are a complete beginner. You can join a local dance team once you have mastered some of the simple hip hop moves. Video learning is more efficient if you want to learn hip hop rather than reading from books. You can come across excellent sites that offer hip hop lessons online.

Online hip-hop lessons teens are useful in assisting beginners to learn different dance moves and styles. The curriculum should include clean moves and music to encourage upcoming and young dancers to participate. The course is unique because you are always in full control. You have to pick the combos, moves, and warm ups during the training. Its an excellent dancing style that you can consider investing your time.