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Best Places To Snorkeling In Maui

The vast variety of beaches and coral create perfect Maui snorkeling places along the west and south sides of the island. Most of them are great for beginners, and many spots are shallow enough to allow your feet to touch. For the best conditions, snorkel when the sun is shining brightly - it lights up the colors of the fish and the coral. On the west side of Maui, snorkeling is best before the afternoon winds begin to pick up and impact your visibility.

In addition, the water can be murky when there is a large swell or for a few days following a big storm, so try to embark on your Maui snorkeling adventure when the weather is good. Below are the best places to go snorkeling on maui.

Olowalu Beach Olowalu Beach is popular with snorkelers who want to see turtles, but you have to swim about 150 to 225 feet from shore - here you'll find a turtle-cleaning station (where turtles line up to have small parasites removed by the cleaner wrasses). Pretty awesome. The problem though with swimming so far from shore here is that Olowalu is one of the more dangerous spots for sharks. I prefer to see the turtles on a snorkel cruise, at the Maui Ocean Center or on the Big Island's Punalu'lu Beach.

Ka'anapali The expanse of white sand that makes up Ka'anapali is probably one of the best-known beaches in Maui. It is a prime snorkeling spot, especially along Black Rock. This lava jetty extends out into the ocean at the north end of the beach and is teeming with colorful fish. You may even spy a sea turtle from time to time, or an occasional octopus. The beach is lined with resorts and shopping, so there are plenty of facilities and ample parking. Ka'anapali gives you a memorable Maui snorkeling experience.

Honalua Bay Situated on the northwest shore of Maui, Honalua Bay is just outside the beautiful village of Kapalua. It is normally fairly calm, but can be very rough if there is a large swell. Swim to the right side of the bay for the best viewing of undersea life. Honalua Bay has a rocky shore rather than a sandy beach, so water shoes are beneficial.

Access is not as easy here - you must park along the road and follow a trail down to the beach. However, the effort is well worth it because Honolua Bay has one of the highest concentrations of fish of any Maui snorkeling spot.

Kamaole The beaches of Kamaole encompass three separate areas spread throughout the town of Kihei. All of the beaches have grassy parks with plenty of trees, and you can snorkel along the lava outcroppings, which is where the fish seem to prefer to gather. Parking is plentiful, and access to the beaches is easy. You'll find lots of locals at this Maui snorkeling location.

Coral Gardens This Maui snorkeling spot is located just one-half mile north of the tunnel on the highway that leads from Kahului to Lahaina. The reef is long ways from the beach, so it is only recommended for advanced swimmers unless you are snorkeling from a boat. This is a great place to see lots of Maui's famous green sea turtles.

La Perouse Bay La Perouse Bay is located south of the village of Wailea, on the southwest tip of Maui. This is a very private area for swimming and snorkeling, and it is not at all unusual to find that you have the place all to yourself. The water tends to be cooler on Maui's southern shores, and summer can produce some large southern swells. You should be able to see plenty of fish, and you will have a great view of Molokini Crater. Just remember to use some caution and good water safety habits when enjoying this remote Maui snorkeling area.

Molokini Crater The most famous spot for Maui snorkeling, you can only reach Molokini Crater by boat. Once you arrive, you can explore the waters within the old cone of a long-dormant volcano, and enjoy the pristine waters. The water can be deep under the boats, up to 100 feet in some places. It is so clear that some people experience a sensation of vertigo, similar to what you would feel when looking down from great heights, when they look towards the ocean floor.b

Products That Will Give Your Garden A New Look

If you haven't decorated your garden space in a while, you may be out of fresh ideas. There are many types of products available to give your garden a new look. You can stick with one theme or mix and match the products for a more carefree and relaxing style. While there are many choices, you dot need to scratch your head in frustration, just take a look at the following products. They can help to beautify your garden, as long as you're ready to put in a little work.

If you're seeking depth and design in your garden you can find it by utilizing the larger plants that you already have in your garden. You can mix and match the heights and depth by planting annuals alongside of perennials. You'll appreciate how easy it is to garden when you combine bulbs with annuals and more. Browse through catalogs and focus on what you like. Mix and match colours or go for all one colour scheme and you're sure to appreciate how easy it is to get that garden of your dreams. Only you can let your garden geek flag fly, so get out there and get moving on designing the garden that you've always dreamed of. It's only a shovelful of dirt away. Anyone can do it, it's so easy and you'll have fun outside in nature working in your garden.

Wind Chimes

The sound of wind chimes is both beautiful and soothing, which takes this garden accessory the perfect items for a relaxing space. Wind chimes are available in a variety of colours, styles, and materials, although aluminum is the most common. With a set of wind chimes in your garden, you'll be able to hear the soft, gentle relaxing tones throughout the day and night.

Antique Style Sage or Ivory Duck Decor

A great way to add whimsy and colour to your garden is by adding a sage or ivory duck statue. These statues have a weathered appearance which gives your garden an old-time feel. You can have more than one duck statue, which can be placed near a small pond or fountain, similar to those found in gardens of yesteryear. If you want to create a charming outdoor scene, why not choose multiple ducks and line them up in a row.

Barnyard Birdhouse

Singing birds are a welcome addition to your garden. A barnyard birdhouse, placed in a nearby tree will give those birds a place to call home. Make sure there are appropriate food and water sources in the area to keep the birds happy and you'll be able to draw beautiful avian creatures right to your backyard. The barnyard birdhouse will add a rustic feel to your garden and the family of birds will give you some beautiful music to work to.

Butterfly Garden Stakes

Garden stakes can provide colour to your garden. This decorative item is the finishing touch which will make your garden come to life. While it may be difficult to get real butterflies to come to your garden, you can place these butterflies exactly where you want them. The butterfly garden stakes come in a red colour that catches the sun, causing it to glimmer in the light. You can add these butterfly stakes to your plants or place them along the walkways.

Romantic Winter Activities For Couples In Cornwall

You might think that winter is no time to visit Cornwall for a holiday, because of the cold and nasty weather. You would not be able to enjoy a swim at the beach and other water activities, for sure, but theres enough for you and your partner to have a great holiday. After all, if you are looking for some peace and quiet, this is the time and place to find it. And after being so busy and stressed back home, it is definitely good for your relationship to be able to reconnect with each other. Here are some activities you can still do during a winter vacation in Cornwall.

1. Take a walk

How many times have you found yourselves too busy and always in a hurry to just take a nice leisurely walk while holding hands? Not only will you find the best views for a romantic stroll, you will also be chilly enough to want to cuddle and warm each other up along the way. If you are not sure which path to take, go for the walk between Boscastle to Valency Valley and Fire Beacon Point. The most romantic option is about 5.4 miles, but you will be rewarded with views of the coast, the famous Boscastle Harbour, a waterfall and even a remote church along the way.

2. Cuddle up in front of a fire

Make sure to choose a romantic cottage with a fireplace, and stay in for the night after a home-cooked dinner and some wine. This is also the best time to just chat freely about anything and everything and spend some badly needed time together. Youll be spoilt for choice for places to stay. Choose a quiet village for your short break. There are some beautifully, romantic self catering cottages in Porthleven on Cornwalls south coast. Otherwise try scenic St Agnes or sensational Sennen Cove for quaint cottages and fireside chats.

3. Go for a couples spa day

Most couples have services for couples so you can both relax and be pampered together. What sets Cornish spas apart from the rest is that they have panoramic views of the ocean. You can stay warm in a hot tub on top of the cliff and wash the waves crashing into the rocks below.

4. Wander through cobbled streets together

Explore these small coastal villages together, shopping in these small stores without the usual summer crowds. You can also explore museums and harbours together and afterward, sit down together for a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Fowey, Padstow and St Ives would all fit the bill for this romantic activity.

5. Have a romantic dinner

Cornwall has some wonderful restaurants to try out, and you might find them more quiet and suitable for a romantic dinner when there are not as many tourists around. You can easily expect to get the best table every time and you can really enjoy every bite and sip. they the many fine tourist restaurants in Porthleven, Padstow or Falmouth - three key culinary destinations in Cornwall.

6. Watch the winter storms

These wonderful cliffs were shaped by the waves crashing into the rocks for millions of years. It is really incredible, how such force can eventually create these breathtaking sites. If you happen to have booked at a time when the weather is stormy, you can stay in your own cottage or even head over to the Ship Inn at Porthleven or the Queens Hotel in Penzance for a better look.

There is more than just the factor of price that should drive you to spend a winter holiday instead in Cornwall. Sure, the cottages are cheaper but you also take advantage of not having to beat the summer crowds. This way, you can really have a chance to spend more time alone and rekindle the romance.

Types Of Music Producers

Music production is one of the professional titles that most individuals misuse. We have three main types of music producers. It is critical to understand the role of all of them inside the recording studio and in the music industry. You can go here to get other aspects of music production. This article describes the types of music producers you will come across.

Before we focus on the types of music producers, it's important to determine what they are not. The first thing you need to understand is that a producer is not an artist who composes his songs. Music producers work with reliable musicians, industry executives, and other professionals within the industry to record a project. Its takes a long period to learn music production skills and the task is very demanding. Therefore, you cannot refer to an individual who works on his own to create music as a producer. You should not associate the role of a producer with the functions of a general musician or songwriter.

Music Producer

Music producers spend most of their time arranging or creating music for production purposes. Most of these professionals have a strong background in music theory and have music-related degrees from reputable institutions. Music producers also work on the quality of the music that you are recording. Some of them may assume the role of maintaining the relationship between the record level executives and the artist. Maintaining such a relationship is one of the most challenging tasks within the music industry.

An Executive Producer

The executive producer is the individual who provides funding for the project. The executive producer will determine the direction the recording project will take. He is very careful to maintain a relationship between the band or artists and the record label that works to ensure that the project is successful. Apart from the above role, executive producers have to make sure that the project makes a financial sense from the perspective of an investor.

Engineering Producer

An engineering producer has a deeper understanding of the technical aspects that happen in a studio more than anyone else. These producers understand how to work out the recording console, set up microphones for purposes of recording, and use the recording software in an efficient and effective manner. An engineering producer has to make sure that the recording project is well organized. Some of these professionals begin as assistant engineers or mixing engineer to record level producers. They understand the technical part of your recording very well. They have all it takes to make sure that your music sounds great from the perspective of a music engineer.


With all this information, it is evident that you need at least three types of producers to work on your project. In case you are looking for high-quality production, donĂ¢t let anyone mislead you that he can work on all these aspects. Good producers always have other production professionals they work hand in hand with for them to produce a great job.