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Best Mediterranean Cruises For Singles

A cruise is an ideal holiday for those travelling on their own, as there is so much to do and you never have to sit in the dining room on your own as you have to if you stay in a hotel. When you book you are given the choice of which sitting you want for dinner and the size of table you want to sit at. No one is ever put at a table on his or her own and the best choice is to ask for a large table. This is generally for eight or ten people so there will always be someone you get on with.

Some cruise lines will put all the single travellers at one table, not to match anyone up but because they all have something in common, they are cruising alone. The main drawback to booking a Mediterranean Cruise on your own is the single supplement, which hikes up the fare. But you will find many of the major cruise lines have special offers throughout the year where no single supplement is charged.

Certain travel agencies also have a section for single cruises. Again this is not to find a life partner but designed to offer you a great holiday without having to pay a hefty single supplement. You will get a double cabin to yourself as cruise liners have very few single cabins these days and there will be both inside and outside cabins on offer but usually the cheaper ones get snapped up first.

One of the best cruise itineraries you can choose is to cruise round the Mediterranean where it is normal to get wall-to-wall sunshine. If you are not fond of flying you should look for a cruise that sails and returns to the UK. Major cruise terminals are situated in Southampton and Dover, which is the ports the major cruise, companies use.

Ports around the Mediterranean offer golden beaches and warm seas, chic locations along the French and Italian Rivieras and quaint little Greek villages. You will find calmer seas when sailing in the Mediterranean compared to the Atlantic or English Channel.

If you want to escape the English winter you can fly out to join a ship in a few hours and cruise round the Mediterranean in style. The best Mediterranean cruises for singles is a matter of choice. If you do not mind being in and out of port every day choose a 7-day cruise but if you want more days at sea go for a longer one 12-14 days.

One thing to look for, apart from no single supplement and the size of the table, is whether your ship can tie up alongside; some of the larger liners cannot do this, as they are too big. This means going ashore by tender or one of the ships lifeboats so if you want to just step off the ship look for this when you book. Cannes is one port where you do have to land by launch and sometimes the crossing can be rough.

Winter In Malaga And The Costa Del Sol

Although my family owns a second home on the Costa Blanca which I love, it can get quite cool there in the winter. For this reason, the last few winters I have spent several months further south in Malaga. Winter is a special season in Malaga and the Costa del Sol in general. Everything is a bit quieter, there are fewer tourists and the sun is not so hot. But travelers can enjoy the pleasant temperatures on this beautiful coastline and the turquoise sea. Prices are affordable during the winter season, and you can benefit of it!

Why winter is special in Malaga

The climate and the weather in the months of January and February that are described as winter in Malaga would be described as early autumn in the UK. however, places that are higher than 800 metres are sometimes covered with snow.

The daytime temperature is sometimes only at 11-15º C, but mostly sunny with now and then fresh wind. If one is sun-spoiled, these temperatures may seem cold and you might see locals with scarf and gloves. Similarly, cool rainy days are possible.

During the nights the temperature hardly ever drops below the 6ºC mark. January and February are by far the coldest months in Malaga. So if you´re booking a long term holiday in a hotel or apartment, make sure that a heating facility is provided.

What do do in Malaga during winter?

In the winter months you can visit the many museums in Malaga and the numerous attractions in the province. You can do day trips and tours or put together a tour with a car hire.

You could also take a trip to the Sierra Nevada, a national Park located between the provinces of Granada and Almeria. Here one finds the highest peak of mainland Spain and the southernmost ski area in Europe, Pradollano. The village is situated about 160 km and about 2 hours drive from Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

There are different accesses from the coast, from Malaga to Granada and from there to the Sierra Nevada which is only 36 km. The ski season runs from late November to early May. There are plenty of hotels and apartments.

Skiing holiday in Andalusia

You might associate Spain with sunshine, but snow and skiing in Spain features prominently in winter vacation and travel guides.Anyone who is interested in a ski vacation in the Sierra Nevada can find excellent information available on the internet.

For nature lovers and hikers there is also the Sierra de las Nieves, a nature park in the province of Malaga, with a beautiful flora and fauna.

In summary: If you opt for a long term stay in Malaga, you will escape the cold winter in Europe. The winter as such does not exist in Malaga; rather autumn turns into spring. For such holidays a long term car hire in Malaga is recommended.

Although there may be rainy cool days, the eye is continuously blessed with fresh green grass and flowering plants and flowers. The deserted beaches invite for long walks, the air is crisp and clean and there is almost nothing better than after a few days of rain, when the sun shines with undiminished strength in a clean blue sky and we set off for a short walk along the beach promenade.

And while we feel the sun pleasantly warm on the skin, we can see on a clear day from the beach promenade in Fuengirola the majestic, snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada under a deep blue sky. A truly great feeling! Malaga and the Costa del Sol are truly a paradise spot on earth.

Wedding Limo Services Complete A Memorable Occasion In Style

Weddings mark a wonderful union between two people who have made up their minds to stay together forever. We offer the best wedding limo service in Keller, Texas to make this day even more glamorous for the couple. Our limousine service in Keller, Texas offers the latest models, and they are comfortable and big enough to accommodate the entire train of bridesmaids as well as the couple and other family members.

Our luxurious limo services are rendered from our office located in Keller, Texas. We also have the capacity to serve clients in surrounding areas like the Dallas Ft. worth Metroplex. So take advantage of our exceptional services and you will join the increasing number of satisfied customers who have used our services in the state. Efficiency is our strategy; and we ensure that the need of every client is met according to the agreed terms - every time our services are engaged in this region and the surrounding locations in Texas. Our dfw limo service stands out from the rest because every effort is put into rendering an efficient service that will always be on time and excellently executed. We will always keep our side of the bargain.

Every intending couple in Keller, Texas can now make their bookings for as many wedding pick-up they need. Our customer care service is run by highly proficient staff who will secure your bookings while providing you with all the information you need to know in terms of logistics for your big day. We have created this special limo service to cater for all your transportation needs on your wedding. We are capable of handling everything concerning your transportation in our luxury limousines giving you time to bother about other arrangements for the wedding ceremony.

As the best Keller, Texas limo service provider, we have employed well trained and cultured limo drivers whose experience is an assurance of your safety every time you use our service. Our drivers are courteous and well trained; and we know this from the positive feedback provided by clients who have used our limo services in the past. This excellent customer relation is one of the features of our limo service business in the state that has made us stand out in this transportation industry. We will treat you like a King and Queen when you are picked up on your wedding day and driven to all the places you need to be throughout the period of hire.

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New York - The Greatest City In The World

It is not new to hear that New York is the greatest city in the world. People from different parts of the globe have come across with at least one movie, song, or even photo that emphasizes New York as the best place to live in and to experience life. Why? Because the Big Apple is the heart of culture, nature, entertainment, fashion, and even people. So how do you experience all these things when you go to New York? Here is a list of the things you can do and go to to make the most out of your New York experience.

Explore the Met : Have you ever went to a museum whose art and culture were so extensive you dont have the time to see them all? Well the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the Met, is exactly like this. It is so big and packed with different cultures that you need at least two days to go around and soak up the art that surrounds you. It has collections from across the world like Egypt, Rome, and Greece. While these are permanent collections, there are some exhibits only present for a limited time. There is also a cafe and cocktail bar in the museum itself.

Central Park : In the middle of the bustling city is Central Park. Other great travel destinations like London in the United Kingdom have great parks but New York's is something special. Central Park is around 843 acres and you can do all sorts of activities here. You can walk your dog, jog, have a picnic, or just sit on the benches observing the people enjoying the sun. There are also tourist destinations inside the park like sailboats at the Conservatory Water, Bow Bridge, and Belvedere Castle on Vista Rock. Although there is a bunch of other things to do in the park, visitors have their own favorite thing to do there. This is to be expected since the park has around 48 fountains, 36 bridges, and 20 playgrounds. Add to that the many interactive activities and people like magicians, mascots, and park goers themselves.

Fifth Avenue: When it comes to shopping, New York does not fall behind. From Washington Square until the 143rd Street, the avenue is a long array of lavish retail stores. Shops like Gucci, Versace, Ferragamo and much more await to give you the perfect apparel or accessory. However, it is not just a shopping district. At Fifth Avenue, you can drop by St. Patricks Cathedral which rises up with a gothic facade. The church is tall itself with large looming spires on its roof. This is also where the Archbishop works.

Times Square : Almost everyone who goes to visit New York takes a picture of Times Square. Not only because it is a famous tourist destination, it is also where New York is best portrayed. At night, Times Square comes alive with flashing lights, Broadway billboards and a flock of people coming from work. This is also the place where Broadway musicals are watched. One of its most famous events is New Years Eve. New Years Eve at Times Square is an annual event where millions of people await the much-celebrated ball drop. It has been a celebration ever since 1907 and continues today to give people, not just Americans, a more hopeful and awe-inspiring New Year.

Homecoming Limo Services Seattle Washington

Just because you are very special you deserve only the best service and this is what our top class limo service in Seattle, Washington will offer you during your homecoming events. Are you planning a homecoming event? Do you need a reliable and well organized limo service from a reputable company that has been in this business for many years? Then we are your best choice.

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You should use a limo service that has been in operation for many years, as we have understood the business of offering exquisite limousine pick up and drops; we know what the clients need and how they can get the best benefits from a luxury pick up service like ours in Seattle, Washington. We are always ready to offer our clients a quote that will be created to cover the needs and logistics of the clients in a way that will make them very happy they chose to use our top limo service in Seattle, Washington.

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The Limo Pros Are Here To Stay Now And The Future

Limo services in Tampa Bay, Florida have actually been just obtainable to stars, motion picture stars and designs in the past. Nevertheless, they are nowadays a typical method of transport on wedding events, throughout airports and essentially all sorts of events. The reality is, working with a limo does not constantly need to be for a wedding event or a celebration. There are numerous major occasions that individuals wish to take care of and get here in design.

For that reason, limo services use you the most elegant driver owned limousine to bring you around with magnificence. No matter what your factor for taking a trip is, limo services include a touch of class and self-confidence throughout your journeys. Certainly, these services come at a greater cost than the typical rates for dependable transport services. However at the end of the day, this cost is certainly worth paying.

Wondering why? Let's begin with the very first reality.

Expert Limo Solutions Include Experienced And Licensed Chauffeurs

Let's face it - expert limo services included drivers (motorists) that are way more skilled and in the majority of the cases, certified to own the limo. Whether you are taking a trip to/from the airport, at a wedding event, celebration, sports occasion or a night out, a certified driver suggests a lot and can be a quite huge offer thinking about the professionalism and experience in the field.

Not Every Limo Service Provides The Very same Treatment To Its Clients

The bare reality is that not every limo business in Tampa Bay, Florida will ever be the very same. It's your task to discover the very best one, see if their services match your budget plan and continue with the service. Much like the expense of leasing a limousine which is never ever a repaired one, getting the very same experience from every business is not something you ought to anticipate. In the exact same time, that is why you need to constantly pull out for expert limo services.

Expert Limo Providers Come As Quick As You Anticipate Them

A limo is not an item - like a brand name brand-new vehicle for you that you need to wait. It is a service that amounts to your benefit and must customize to your requirements. The only task you have when employing a limo service is to provide your requirements, location, date and time.

The remainder of the task must be managed by the Tampa limo business you will pick, as rapidly as possible. After all, taking a trip in design starts the minute you open your door - and there is a limo waiting on you outside.

Things To Consider When Choosing An Airport Transportation Service In Austin, Tx

Whether you are flying from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport or the Austin Executive Airport, an airport transportation limo service can definitely exceed your expectations. The truth is, many people do not realize how airline travel is simplified when an airport limo in Austin is used - to get to and from the airport and to the hotel or another location.

A VIP airport transportation service in Austin is basically a professional service that comes from a company that operates limousines to transport passengers to and from the local airports in Austin. Even though they are VIP, airport transportation limousine services are nowadays easy to find in Austin, Texas.

Considering Price And Convenience

The first things you should be considering when choosing an airport transportation services for your needs are price and convenience. As you probably know, taxi cabs are more affordable than airport limo services - but cannot even come close to the level of comfort and convenience that these services provide.

Therefore, using airport limo services in Austin, TX comes at its own price - but is a choice worth making. Some airport transportation services in Austin employ the best limousines on the market and invest in professional chauffeurs. These services are obviously worth choosing.

Airport Transportation In Austin For Savvy Travelers

The truth is, most of the airport transportation services are specialized in dropping you off to your home, hotel or offices. That is why airport limos are convenient and practical. However, as a traveler you must know whether your airport transportation will be available if your plane is late or early - which is why choosing the best airport limo services in Austin, TX is of utmost importance.

Last but not the least is the fact that a lot of individuals use airport limo services when expecting their guests from abroad, or business partners. Not only this choice gives a feeling of comfort and luxury, it instantly sets the bar higher and builds trust in the individuals or business partners from the very start.

In the end, finding transportation from the airport to your destination is an easy thing. However, luxurious and comfortable airport limos are not easy to find - which is why you should always search for an airport transportation service in Austin that fits your needs, budget and requirements.

We hope this article helped you find the best airport transportation service in Austin, Texas.

Make Your Quince Event The Best With The Right Limo Service

That special moment of the Quinceanera occasion needs to never ever omit a unique limousine from the list. And if you are trying to find the very best 'mis quince anos' limousine for the wedding day, you have actually simply arrived at the best page.

Discovering a trustworthy Quinceanera limo service in Utah is certainly difficult. Nevertheless, it is possible. All you have to do is search for limousine business that comprehend the value of the Quinceaneras in the Latin neighborhood and its huge culture.

A Quince Limousine In Utah Can Be Your Woman's Finest Surprise!

After all, the appearance of your child's face when her Quince limousine comes as a surprise is absolutely something worth keeping in mind for a life time, right?

From the decors to the red carpet, a 'mis quince anos' limousine can certainly make the appearance of the event a lot more modern-day, excellent looking and usually much better. Your lady can have a quinceanera limousine that is incredible and customized to her requirements - assisting her walk around the city and go to all the locations she desires in design.

So, Ways to Discover Trusted Quinceaneras Limousine Services In Utah

First of all, you ought to ask the limousine business you call in Utah if they provide quince limousine services. If they do, you need to carry on - however if they do not, you are much better off dropping your phone from the very start.

The fact is, a limo service in Utah need to comprehend exactly what Quinceaneras is everything about and offer the service in its complete light. They need to listen to information and get that stunning white stretch limousines to the occasion - unexpected your girls with a car that leads modern patterns.

Quince Limousine Extras And Additions

Another thing ought to be the level of personalization the limo service in Utah deals. While some limousines are rather restricted, others include additional services such as opened moon-roofs, disco lights and additional beverages and treats. In a nutshell, working with a Quince limousine service in Utah is everything about the requirements of the lady commemorating and how expertly the business has the ability to react to them.

To obtain the very best for your child, make certain to understand your spending plan in the beginning - then call all the limo services in Utah in order to discover the most quality service.

So, have you discovered your Quinceaneras limo yet - or are you still taking a look around?

What To See And Do In Newquay, Cornwall

Newquay is first and foremost a family holiday resort. Its pristine beaches attract parents and children to paddle in the sea and relax on the golden sand of its many fine beaches. But Newquay is also the UKs premier surfing destination and boasts several of Cornwalls best beaches for surfing. Plus the bustling food and drink scene attacks people who like quality restaurants, as well as young people attracted by the vibrant nightlife.

Beach fans can choose from many great beaches, including family safe Town Beach. Fistral Beach is in fact the best known surfing beach offering awesome, hollow waves popular wth surfers. Another popular beach in Newquay is Watergate Bay although this beach is suited for everyone from novice surfers to advanced wave riders. Newbies may also want to try Crantock Beach as it is protected. There are numerous places in Newquay to hire surfing gear and surf academies are also available for those who come only to ride the waves.

Food & Drink In Newquay

As you would expect, Newquay in Cornwall offers a wide variety of cuisine options for just about every taste. Things to sample while on holiday in Newquay include cream teas, as well as the famous Cornish pasties offered by the many tea rooms and pastry shops. Cornish ice-cream is also a very tasty and popular treat. Newquay is also famous for its fish and chips shops, but also has a huge variety of worldwide food choices from Indian and Chinese to Greek and Italian. Theres no point starting a diet when you visit to Newquay as you will be tempted to indulge!

The Blue Reef Aquarium

If you're interested in sea life then a trip to the Newquay Blue Reef Aquarium is a must. This coastal attraction is among the highlights of a visit to the promenade. It features a fascinating underwater tunnel that visitors can walk through while witnessing the sea animals swim around in their natural environments.

What Else To Do In Newquay?

There are loads of ways to enjoy the water, including SUP boarding and kayaking. Or you could take a powerboat cruise around the harbour. Those who like fishing should know that Newquay has some outstanding options for a vast array of fishing styles from fly-fishing to deep sea fishing. Take your fishing trip from the harbour in Newquay.

Golf enthusiasts will love the dramatic golf coarse, overlooking the sea behind the dunes at Fistral Beach. Aside from the Blue Reef Aquarium, Newquay has other animal loving attractions. Newquay Zoo boasts a wide variety of creatures in enclosures over its ten acre site.

Also popular with holidaymakers is Newquay Water World - a huge swimming pool complex featuring water slides, simulation waterfall and tropical themed apparatus. There is also cutting-edge gym and exercise classes for adults.

A unique, albeit slightly strange, visitor attractions is theTunnels Through Time museum which shows the history of Newquay through interactive exhibits brought to life by character actors.

There is never a bored moment in Newquay. As well as the above tourist attractions visitors can enjoy amusement arcades, pool halls, ten-pin bowling and a range of other sports and activities. Also popular is the modern cinema in the centre of town which shows the latest movies.

Places And Activities For A Family Holiday In Cornwall

Planning a family holiday should be fun but can be a laborious task. It is necessary to make sure that everyone in the family will enjoy the holiday that you are planning. This can be extremely difficult in cases where the kids are a combination of youngsters and teenagers, as they usually have completely different wants and needs when it comes to holidays. The trick is to make a good list of tourism attractions and holiday activities, which will keep everyone happy.

Classic family holidays Cornwall normally include long stints at the beach or a tour within the local area, as these are the most popular activities in Europe. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend for families choosing to visit inland locations that offer wider range of holiday activities. For instance, you can try visiting holiday park with all the facilities in one place, especially if you are travelling with teenagers. Using a holiday park as a base they can enjoy various activities like outdoor swimming, fishing, and surfing, and coasteering, river kayaking and climbing.

If you are already located somewhere in the UK, you can choose to have holidays in Wales, Scotland, Norfolk, Suffolk or Devon. But perhaps the most popular destination for a family holiday is Cornwall, as there are numerous family activities that you can choose from. One excellent family choice for a holiday is to stay on one of the many fabulous holiday parks in the area. These parks are located in beautiful regions and are combined with fabulous destinations with a wide range of holiday activities. Aside from that, most of these holiday parks in UK offer comfortable mobile homes and lodges suitable for families that are of medium size.

If you can combine these accommodations with onsite activities such as golf, basketball and swimming, children will surely enjoy your family holiday. Aside from that, you can also take advantage of other activities like cycling or horse riding. Holiday parks usually offer cheap and affordable activity deals for families as well. If you are travelling on a tight budget, another thing that you can consider is to go on camping trip. This is another activity that even young children will surely enjoy.

Even young children will enjoy the novelty of sleeping under a canvas while parents are taking some time to relax. A camping activity can introduce the countryside to families who have never done it before, but this will be done in a perfect way. Within the UK, particularly in Cornwall, there are various campsites that can accommodate you during your family holiday. Take note that camping is not just a way to have a great bonding with the family, but it is also an affordable method of enjoying the outdoors.

Remember that when you are planning a family holiday, you have to make sure that you consider all the possible places where you can spend your holiday. You should also take note of the activities that your family wants to engage in and ensure that these activities are offered wherever it is that you would decide to book your holiday. Remember to consider all options available for you and discuss it with your family before finalizing your decision. This is to ensure that everyone will enjoy the holiday.

When looking for a place to stay for your family holiday Cornwall, some of the places that you might want to consider include Newquay, Padstow, Porthtowan, St Ives, Helston, Looe and Bude.

A Guide To Cornwalls Best Holiday Towns

Cornwall is scattered with towns and villages which are wonderfully scenic and amazingly appealing. The best of these are the old fishing villages which have a unique Cornish atmosphere and historic connection with the sea. They are also great for experiencing the best of Cornwall and for picking up helpful suggestions from the residents about the leading places to visit while on holiday in the area. You'll get ideas on the finest places to explore, such as which coastal towns which are lively or relaxing. A visit to some of these destinations will be sure to rejuvenate even the most weary of travellers.

Whether you spend a day, a week or a month in Cornwall, you will quickly find why Cornwall is such a highly popular vacation location. This is partly down to the wide range of choice when it comes to holiday accommodation, tourist attractions and activities. Whatever type of holiday you're looking for youre bound to discover it in Cornwall.

One of the most popular holiday destinations in Cornwall is St Ives. Located in the far West of Cornwall, St Ives is an achingly beautiful town perched on the ocean front. the whole town is centred around its large fishing harbour and long sandy beaches, where the blue sea is clear and clean. Here you can follow the narrow lanes to fine restaurants, art galleries, museums and shops. Or just chill-out on the sand and enjoy a Cornish pasty while admiring the view.

Another lovely harbour town in Cornwall is Polperro, which likewise has remarkable winding streets with its own unique collection of old stone cottages, old-fashioned sweet shops, charming pubs and art galleries. Attractive and alluring, Polperro is a sanctuary for artists because of the sensational seaside surroundings, where painters can draw inspiration for their artwork.

Falmouth is one of the top holiday towns in Cornwall for good reason. It is an interesting town with a long maritime history. It has a busty and thriving port, where sailing boats come and go. Its also great for families thanks to the wide choice of family-friendly eateries and tourism attractions, including the National Maritime Museum and Pendennis Castle. Travellers will be spoilt for choice for things to do in Falmouth.

Truro is a city which feels more like a small town. But it is also a hub of excellent for great restaurants, cafes, shops, galleries and museums. Its well worth a visit for tourists and history buffs who will appreciate the Royal Cornwall Museum and the splendid Gothic Cathedral, famed for its beautiful stained glass windows.

Located at the mouth of the River Fowey is the holiday town of Fowey. Ferries and pleasure boats ply the waters of this historic harbour and estuary, which is great for day trips along the coast. The town is famed for its connection with novelist Daphne DuMaurier who lived and worked in the area for a number of years.

Looe is another great harbour town to visit while on holiday in Cornwall. This waterside town is bustling with boats and tourists alike. The narrow, cobbled streets lead to restaurants, pubs and cafes, and onwards t a fine sandy beach which is just one of many in the area. Looe is a fantastic, natural and popular place with tourists and people visiting for a vacation.

All these top holiday towns mentioned here offer excellent accommodation at excellent rates and a mix of interesting thing to do. They supply hotels, campsites, guest houses, cottages and holiday homes, which make the ideal bases for wonderful experiences and adventures in Cornwall.

Camping Palamos Spain: Activities & Attractions In Palamos

If youre looking for an awesome getaway, then exciting recreational activities and natural attractions await you in Camping Palamos in Spain ! Here are some of the highlights of the place:

Nature and Water Sports The Via Verde (Green Way) and the GR-92 route are great places for hiking, biking, and reveling in the beauty of nature. If youre up for some watersports adventure, you can visit the beautiful beaches where you can go snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, and water skiing. You can also rent a motorboat or a kayak, and go on a boat trip, horseback ride, or hot-air balloon ride.

Museu de la Pesca (Fishing Musuem) This museum has beautiful displays depicting the history of fishing at the Costa Brava. You will learn a lot about the lives of the locals who worked and are working at sea. The story is well-documented with a lot of photos, paintings, boats, and fishing tackles everywhere.

Castell de Cap Roig Castell de Cap Roig extends across three municipalities: Palamos, Palafrugell, and Mont-ras. It is one of the remaining unspoiled regions of Costa Brava. If you want a cultural experience, visit the Castillo de Cap Roig. It is a medieval castle of Palafrugells protected cultural heritage. You will find stunning botanical gardens around the castle. Pop and classical concerts, as well as art exhibitions, are organized in this area during summer.

La Fosca Beach Not far from Camping Palamos, you will find the beach of La Fosca. It is one of the most beautiful and well-known beaches of Costa Brava, and is a haven for divers, too! They usually scuba-dive in small groups that are arranged based on the skill level of the members.

Espai del Peix Espai del Peix is a restaurant located inside the Fishermans Museum. They have an open kitchen, so diners can choose which fish they want to be caught, cooked, and served to them. Not only will you get to eat great-tasting food, you will also learn about the culture of the place in terms of fishing and dining.

La Cala SAlguer This small bay is a great place for snorkeling. The water is crystal clear, giving visibility up to about 10 meters deep. Here, you will find many different fish species and colorful underwater environment. The look and ambience of the fishing village will also make you feel as if time had stood still.

Safari Tent Rental from Holiday Tent Holiday Tent offers safari tent rentals inside Camping Palamos on the Costa Brava. Renting a tent saves you from spending too much on added equipment and from the trouble of travelling with heavier loads, not to mention the hassle caused by putting up, disassembling, and storing away your own tent. Visit for more info.

Five Of The Best Family Holiday Cottages In South Cornwall

Cornwall is best known in the United Kingdom as a fantastic summer getaway providing Britons and foreign tourists with tons of beach fun, surfing adventures, nature walks and an experience of the authentic Cornish way of living. It is not at all uncommon to see entire families packing for a full weekend of British adventure far different from major metropolitan centres like London. And if your family is also looking for a fantastic weekend in the sunny coast of south Cornwall, it would really be ideal to stay in a holiday cottage fit for you and your precious family.

Here are five of the best holiday cottages in the southern part of Cornwall to discover on your next family vacation or weekend getaway

1. Willy Wilcox Cottage in Polperro

Many Cornwall postcards as well as paintings feature the iconic bright blue shutters and doors of the Willy Wilcox Cottage. It is the nearest holiday cottage to the famed beaches of one of south Cornwalls historic fishing villages, Polperro. It has a raised beach terrace ideal for beach and sea viewing, a place for taking a sumptuous breakfast, and a venue for a tranquil nightcap. The Willy Wilcox can sleep a maximum of 8 individuals including children. Its also accessible to Polperros art galleries, restaurants, shops, and pubs.

2. Saint Martin Blackrock Cabin in Looe

If you want to rekindle your passion for your partner, stay at the Saint Martin Blackrock Cabin in Looe. This is a one-bedroom cottage so you can have all the cottage to yourself. The beach is just 50 metres away and the picturesque and historic fishing village of Looe is about 3 kilometres in the distance. You and your partner will have to climb 40 steps of a steep incline where you will be treated to one of the most romantic views in the UK.

3. Anchor Cottage in Porthleven

This beautifully refurbished sea-front property is one of the finest luxury holiday cottages in Porthleven. Its a truly stunning holiday home which sleeps up to five people, making it a perfect bolthole for a holiday by the sea. The beach is right out the front door, and is just a few minutes to the centre of Porthleven village where there are many interesting shops and awesome places to eat. Adventurous families can go kayaking from Porthleven harbour, try surfing at nearby beaches or hike along the cliff-top walking trail.

4. St. Crispin in West Looe

It may only have 2 guest rooms but St. Crispin is the ideal holiday cottage for families who would love to escape the drab view of the cityscape and relish fantastic harbour views and really fascinating sea views. The 2-bedroom cottage features an unusually large bay window to provide guests with the view that they are searching for. Built in the 1890s, St. Crispin has retained its charm through the decades providing guests with superb views of the East Looe, Harbour, and the golden sandy beach.

5. Blue Monkey in Cawsand

Dubbed by the Sunday Times as one of the British Isles best and most spectacular coastal and beachside holiday cottages, the Blue Monkey offers beachside luxury like no other. It may only have 5 guest rooms but you can expect each one to be fully furnished with a stunning view of the pristine sea. This Georgian house is nestled right between two of Cornwalls loveliest fishing villages - Cawsand and Kingsand - and is a stones throw away from the beach. For adventurous surfers, Whitsand Bay is just nearby.

Cornwall has a lot of interesting things to offer to todays families. Stay in any of these five superb holiday cottages for a more fantastic weekend getaway.

Best Places To Snorkeling In Maui

The vast variety of beaches and coral create perfect Maui snorkeling places along the west and south sides of the island. Most of them are great for beginners, and many spots are shallow enough to allow your feet to touch. For the best conditions, snorkel when the sun is shining brightly - it lights up the colors of the fish and the coral. On the west side of Maui, snorkeling is best before the afternoon winds begin to pick up and impact your visibility.

In addition, the water can be murky when there is a large swell or for a few days following a big storm, so try to embark on your Maui snorkeling adventure when the weather is good. Below are the best places to go snorkeling on maui.

Olowalu Beach Olowalu Beach is popular with snorkelers who want to see turtles, but you have to swim about 150 to 225 feet from shore - here you'll find a turtle-cleaning station (where turtles line up to have small parasites removed by the cleaner wrasses). Pretty awesome. The problem though with swimming so far from shore here is that Olowalu is one of the more dangerous spots for sharks. I prefer to see the turtles on a snorkel cruise, at the Maui Ocean Center or on the Big Island's Punalu'lu Beach.

Ka'anapali The expanse of white sand that makes up Ka'anapali is probably one of the best-known beaches in Maui. It is a prime snorkeling spot, especially along Black Rock. This lava jetty extends out into the ocean at the north end of the beach and is teeming with colorful fish. You may even spy a sea turtle from time to time, or an occasional octopus. The beach is lined with resorts and shopping, so there are plenty of facilities and ample parking. Ka'anapali gives you a memorable Maui snorkeling experience.

Honalua Bay Situated on the northwest shore of Maui, Honalua Bay is just outside the beautiful village of Kapalua. It is normally fairly calm, but can be very rough if there is a large swell. Swim to the right side of the bay for the best viewing of undersea life. Honalua Bay has a rocky shore rather than a sandy beach, so water shoes are beneficial.

Access is not as easy here - you must park along the road and follow a trail down to the beach. However, the effort is well worth it because Honolua Bay has one of the highest concentrations of fish of any Maui snorkeling spot.

Kamaole The beaches of Kamaole encompass three separate areas spread throughout the town of Kihei. All of the beaches have grassy parks with plenty of trees, and you can snorkel along the lava outcroppings, which is where the fish seem to prefer to gather. Parking is plentiful, and access to the beaches is easy. You'll find lots of locals at this Maui snorkeling location.

Coral Gardens This Maui snorkeling spot is located just one-half mile north of the tunnel on the highway that leads from Kahului to Lahaina. The reef is long ways from the beach, so it is only recommended for advanced swimmers unless you are snorkeling from a boat. This is a great place to see lots of Maui's famous green sea turtles.

La Perouse Bay La Perouse Bay is located south of the village of Wailea, on the southwest tip of Maui. This is a very private area for swimming and snorkeling, and it is not at all unusual to find that you have the place all to yourself. The water tends to be cooler on Maui's southern shores, and summer can produce some large southern swells. You should be able to see plenty of fish, and you will have a great view of Molokini Crater. Just remember to use some caution and good water safety habits when enjoying this remote Maui snorkeling area.

Molokini Crater The most famous spot for Maui snorkeling, you can only reach Molokini Crater by boat. Once you arrive, you can explore the waters within the old cone of a long-dormant volcano, and enjoy the pristine waters. The water can be deep under the boats, up to 100 feet in some places. It is so clear that some people experience a sensation of vertigo, similar to what you would feel when looking down from great heights, when they look towards the ocean floor.b

Romantic Winter Activities For Couples In Cornwall

You might think that winter is no time to visit Cornwall for a holiday, because of the cold and nasty weather. You would not be able to enjoy a swim at the beach and other water activities, for sure, but theres enough for you and your partner to have a great holiday. After all, if you are looking for some peace and quiet, this is the time and place to find it. And after being so busy and stressed back home, it is definitely good for your relationship to be able to reconnect with each other. Here are some activities you can still do during a winter vacation in Cornwall.

1. Take a walk

How many times have you found yourselves too busy and always in a hurry to just take a nice leisurely walk while holding hands? Not only will you find the best views for a romantic stroll, you will also be chilly enough to want to cuddle and warm each other up along the way. If you are not sure which path to take, go for the walk between Boscastle to Valency Valley and Fire Beacon Point. The most romantic option is about 5.4 miles, but you will be rewarded with views of the coast, the famous Boscastle Harbour, a waterfall and even a remote church along the way.

2. Cuddle up in front of a fire

Make sure to choose a romantic cottage with a fireplace, and stay in for the night after a home-cooked dinner and some wine. This is also the best time to just chat freely about anything and everything and spend some badly needed time together. Youll be spoilt for choice for places to stay. Choose a quiet village for your short break. There are some beautifully, romantic self catering cottages in Porthleven on Cornwalls south coast. Otherwise try scenic St Agnes or sensational Sennen Cove for quaint cottages and fireside chats.

3. Go for a couples spa day

Most couples have services for couples so you can both relax and be pampered together. What sets Cornish spas apart from the rest is that they have panoramic views of the ocean. You can stay warm in a hot tub on top of the cliff and wash the waves crashing into the rocks below.

4. Wander through cobbled streets together

Explore these small coastal villages together, shopping in these small stores without the usual summer crowds. You can also explore museums and harbours together and afterward, sit down together for a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Fowey, Padstow and St Ives would all fit the bill for this romantic activity.

5. Have a romantic dinner

Cornwall has some wonderful restaurants to try out, and you might find them more quiet and suitable for a romantic dinner when there are not as many tourists around. You can easily expect to get the best table every time and you can really enjoy every bite and sip. they the many fine tourist restaurants in Porthleven, Padstow or Falmouth - three key culinary destinations in Cornwall.

6. Watch the winter storms

These wonderful cliffs were shaped by the waves crashing into the rocks for millions of years. It is really incredible, how such force can eventually create these breathtaking sites. If you happen to have booked at a time when the weather is stormy, you can stay in your own cottage or even head over to the Ship Inn at Porthleven or the Queens Hotel in Penzance for a better look.

There is more than just the factor of price that should drive you to spend a winter holiday instead in Cornwall. Sure, the cottages are cheaper but you also take advantage of not having to beat the summer crowds. This way, you can really have a chance to spend more time alone and rekindle the romance.

Top Five Holiday Activities In Cornwall For Free

Travelling to Cornwall in the south west of England with several children can represent a big cost in your expenses. Just imagine paying entrance fees for a family of five or six in an Amusement park, not to mention food and accommodation for everyone. However, who said that you need to spend so much money just to have fun?

If you are visiting for a holiday, there are many affordable holiday cottages in Cornwall, plus hotels, campsites and other tourist accommodation, as well many fantastic family-friendly visitor attractions and activities you can do that would cost you nothing:

Enjoy the beach

The highlight of a holiday in Cornwall is the 250 miles of coastline it offers, filled with many wonderful beaches. In fact, you will never be so far away from any beach and it will not be impossible to find a quiet or less busy one. Not only is it for free, but you can also expect some public amenities like toilets, showers, and even lifeguards to protect visitors. 

Your children will certainly love one of the best beaches in the world. Just pack your beach towel and some sunscreen, you can easily spend half or the whole day swimming or sunbathing while your little ones build sandcastles.

Visit Heartlands

Close to Redruth, this is the best place to visit on vacation regardless of weather. This 19 acre facility has botanical gardens, exhibitions, an outdoor play area, an arts and crafts centre and even a café. You can also catch some of the free events the whole year round, like farmers markets to shows.

Go to a wildlife sanctuary

Children love animals, and there are many wildlife centres in Cornwall that allow them to visit and interact with rescued and sheltered animals. They are mostly for free, but since they house injured or mistreated animals, they are open to donations that will help them continue their good work.

Take a walk

Hiking is always for free, but in Cornwall, it is simply a must do holiday activity. The whole region boasts some of the best landscapes in the country, from beaches to cliffs and of course, the wonderful countryside. Walking is also very organized, as there are more than 2,400 miles of paths and the breathtaking 300 mile South West Coast Path for you to choose from. Although it wont be possible to see everything in one day, you can spend a nice afternoon by packing up some food, going for a walk and having a picnic on a wonderful spot.

5. Drop by Roskillys

Located near St Keverne, this is a highly recommended stop for families and kids who would love to see a real live organic farm. Watch cows being milked and feed the other barn animals. They also sell some products like ice cream made from their own milk. They also have a shop where you can buy other products. Even better, this is a free trip where you can bring your dog with you. 

Holidaymakers come to Cornwall to enjoy nature and the landscape that the region has to offer. So why would you need to go anywhere expensive to have a good day? The towns and beaches already offer numerous activities to make your holiday memorable!

Accommodation Options For Large Company Events

Big companies sometimes need to plan corporate events that would involve a number of employees or managers. Whether its for a top management planning session, a team building activity or simply a company event, it can be difficult to find enough space for such big groups.

Beyond just finding enough space, some require also sleeping quarters for many people and other special facilities like huge halls, smaller meeting rooms, sufficient Internet connection and possibility for video streaming. Moreover, everyone will need to eat, so a kitchen and eating space for large groups are necessary.

Do not worry, though, because here are some wonderful facilities all over the UK that are available for your meetings and conferences that can meet all your needs.

1. Park Hall Estate, Worcestershire

This is a country estate found in Worcestershire, with a total land space of 130 acres. If the space is not impressive enough, you will be sold on the top facilities that are also offered. They offer various rooms that suit different needs, for example, for smaller management meetings, you can opt for the smallest room that is perfect for 6 people. However, they also have enough for 120 participants! This way, you are assured there is enough space for everyone. The place can also be rented for as short as half a day to several days.

2. Burncoose House, Cornwall For smaller corporate groups, Burncoose House is the perfect getaway. This large, luxury house has been lovingly renovated as one of the finest country houses in Cornwall. Its close to the coast for water sports, while the estate offers a great base for shooting holidays.

3. Middle Stanley Farm, Cotswolds

This Cotswolds farm does not just offer you enough space for up to 40 people, they also have high-tech audio-visual equipment for your presentations and videos. So if you are having your corporate meeting here, you would not have to worry about bringing these with you or renting them.

If you need space for some smaller group discussions or work, there are many breakout areas at your disposal. In fact, the farm is able to combine the antique look of the facilities with outstanding business amenities. You will definitely find the wooden beams or the open fireplaces inviting and suitable for more laid-back dinners and after-work drinks. Accommodation is also available here.

4. Skendleby Hall, Lincolnshire

In combination with the local facilities found nearby, this site is really one of the best places to bring your company for a big event or a conference. The owners, first of all, are very accommodating and will make sure that everyone is well-catered.

This location is the best if you are looking to combine business meetings with team building or leisure activities because the Woodhall Spa Golf Club can be found in the neighbourhood. You can incorporate a few rounds into your schedule and allow your employees to loosen up and bond. In one trip, you are able to combine serious discussions and time to relax!

These are only four of the large accommodation options that can cater to you and your colleagues if you are looking for the perfect place for your company outing or conference. With all the space and the all-important amenities that you need, they are great alternatives to hotels. However, in comparison, you also get to enjoy grounds that you can use, and privacy that you are looking for.

7 Best Restaurants To Dine In Newquay

Newquay, the premier holiday resort in Cornwall, is best known for surfing and other extreme water adventures. The beaches are spectacular and the woodlands are also captivating. Families and groups of friends visit the place this coastal resort to surf, swim and hike the Cornish coast. However a holiday wouldnt be a holiday without sampling some of the great local restaurants in this tourist town. And thanks to the quality of its dining establishments, Newquay is becoming a destination itself for restaurant loving foodies. Here are 7 best restaurants to visit in Newquay, Cornwall:

Fistral Beach Stable Many Stable restaurants exist all over the west, but the Fistral Beach place is considered king. The sumptuous food and the overlooking view of the North Cornish coast completes the top notch restaurant experience. So if you're looking for pizza and pie with a delightful atmosphere, go for the Fistral Beach Stable.

The Dolphin Experience traditional and exquisite dining at the Dophin Bar and Restaurant. Their English contemporary cuisine is unparalleled and their service is exceptional, the main reasons why this oldest restaurant still thrives in the business until today. People young and old prefer their seafood and meat dishes, fresh from the nearby farms. The Dolphin is roughly considered a trademark of the true Cornish cuisine.

Kahuna If you're looking for decadent Asian Cuisine, Kahuna restaurant is the best place to dine. The interiors exemplify modern yet classy design. The service is fantastic. The menu is excellent. They serve Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian food. You can experience the Eastern mix of spices in an order of red mullet and octopus. Your ordinary spring rolls can turn high class at Kahuna. Because high-calibre Asian restaurants are limited in the area, it's recommended to book early.

The Fish House What better way to end your surfing adventure than with a nice meal at the Fish House in Fistral? Their British Mediterranean meals will surely fill you up. The decors inside the restaurant adds to the cheerfulness of the place. The beach view is simply spectacular. Not one customer left with a complaint. In fact, many are still enamoured even on their third visit. Try their John Dory dish now.

Gusto Deli Bar Now for those lovers of fresh veggies and burgers, Gusto Deli Bar is the perfect location for you. For reasonable prices, you get quality food in a box. Many customers set it apart from other chains because of its inviting atmosphere. If you want takeaway food without compromising quality, then this deli is the one for you.

Bush Pepper Craving for homemade style food? Bush Pepper befits your taste. They serve a fusion of cuisines from Mediterranean to Australian. The service, according to reviews, is also above par. You may want to try their crocodile croquettes on your visit to Newquay.

Truscotts If youre on a tight budget but never want to compromise quality, you can dine at Truscotts. Their meals are served in big portions and reasonably priced. People never seem to get enough of their signature fish and chips.

The list can go on, but insofar the top 7 places to dine at Newquay are ready for your visit. Many of these restaurants are located close to Newquays holiday premises, such as the Rocklands Newquay holiday apartments, so they are easily accessible on foot for holidaymakers and tourists.

Caravan Holidays In Wales For Exciting New Adventures

When the holiday season kicks in, it seems like everybody is rushing to book a flight or getting the best deal they could find on hotels and resorts before the slots run out. But it may seem like to lack excitement when done year after year. If you are looking for a nice way to shake things up and plan a more unique getaway with your family and friends, perhaps it would be nice to consider going on a road trip. But not just any road trip. Caravan holidays in Wales have been gaining popularity over the past several years and is a great way to get around the country for a vacation that could last weeks, or even months if you are really going to get into it.

A caravan is described as a van or trailer inclusive of all the necessities needed when you are traveling long distances -- a home on the go, as some would refer to it. Just pack your things, stock up on the groceries, tow the mobile home to the behind of your vehicle, and be on your way. There are not tickets or baggage restrictions to worry about.

Although there will be some days when there is a possibility that the caravan park may be fully booked, another perk is that you will hardly need to rely on availability of a room unlike hotels and such, because all you will be needing is a campsite and space to pitch in for the night.

It is a great experience for your family and friends, as well as to strengthen the bond with them. There will be plenty of outdoor activities you can do together, or even just relaxing on lounging chairs and enjoying the view. Kids and teenagers could use that kind of experience to appreciate the world around them, especially since technology is taking up so much of their lives.

You will get the chance to visit some of the most scenic locations in Wales that no other hotel may be able to offer. You will meet new people from all around the country (or even the world) and broaden your knowledge on different kinds of cultures, languages, and food.

Caravan traveling is also relatively cheaper and environment friendly. Other than the gas expenses and the occasional visit to the grocery store, you will able to save a good amount of money if you plan your trip well. However, if you renting a mobile home to bring from place to place still may seem to be a little over your budget, you can always rent out a mobile home at the sites you plan to visit and go caravan hoping.

Caravan holidays in Wales are ideal for short term stays, however, if you are looking to settle down in a certain city for a few years and do not want to spend so much on accommodations, caravan homes are the perfect option. They are available from around £50,000 to more than £250,000 depending on the location and amenities.

Top 4 Fowey Attractions Your Children Will Surely Love

Kids will be kids. And if you are planning a summer holiday vacation for them, it may be a good idea to spend it in Cornwall. This peninsula jutting out into the western portion of the English Channel and washed by the cool waters of the Atlantic Sea has been receiving more than 5 million visitors year in and year out. Its historic landmarks, marvellous Cornish cuisine, hundreds of miles of nature walks, pristine beaches, and plenty of attractions is simply a must for anyone, especially kids.

When you visit Cornwall, make Fowey your base as the surrounding area has a high density of superb attractions to visit. There are plenty of Fowey cottages, hotels and guest houses to welcome family holidaymakers to the tow. The following top four Cornwall attractions great for kids are located within just five miles of Fowey.

Established in 1952, Fowey Aquarium showcases marine and aquatic life that can be found not only in and around Fowey but elsewhere in the entire British Isles. Perfect for kids to learn about some of the worlds most fascinating water creatures, the Fowey Aquarium maintains an old batch of water tanks that is pumped with fresh seawater with the daily rising tide facilitating the addition of tube worms and sea squirts onto the different tanks containing crabs, starfish, Conger Eels, lobsters, and other British marine creatures. Children love getting into the touch pool to really get up close and personal with these marine animals.

If you want your kids to learn how to properly take care of their pets, Wingz Bird and Animal Sanctuary is a good place to start. Located just 3 miles from Fowey, this sanctuary aims to conserve some of the worlds rarest bird species in an effort to educate people, especially kids, everything about these birds as well as other animals they have on display. Wingz had been breeding some of the more vulnerable species to help improve their population. Their educational talks and petting sessions can give kids the perfect introduction to the world of birds and animals.

Tired of seeing the same old stuff? Venture 5 miles off Fowey and you will treat your kids to one of Cornwalls best playcenter, the Kidzworld Indoor Play. This is no ordinary play center as it boasts of more than 50,000 square feet of all-weather fun and adventures. Kids can get to play in an indoor climate-controlled playzone and climb the famed DigiWall or take on the fast slides. Kidzworld has an outdoor activity area as well where kids can explore and play pirates at the Smugglers Cove and traverse wobbly walkways. As there are no height restrictions, the whole family can have great fun.

Want your kids play the role of Gulliver? Polperro Model Village, just 5 miles from Fowey, is the place where your kids can literally become giants for a day. The entire village of Polperro has been miniaturised told in 7 fascinating stories about local folklore, Cornish myth, and other interesting facts. Kids will love the tiny features while grownups will surely appreciate the attention given to detail.

Kids will be kids. Taking them to these places in and near Fowey will help them gain a better understanding of the rich heritage of Fowey, Cornwall, and the rest of Great Britain.