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A Few Thing To Know About Parrotlets

There are many people that love to have parakeets, pigeons, and a wide variety of other birds for pets at their home. One of the more popular species right now are those that originate out of middle and South America called parrotlets. Touits, Nannopsittaca and Forpus are part of the many generas that are available, each possessing a very stocky build with short tails. In nature, they traveled together in flocks, with as many as 100 birds and tend to choose lifelong mates. These birds of the smallest to be bred in captivity, and there are many places that they can be purchased. Let us look at a brief overview of these beautiful birds and why you might want to own one for yourself.

An Overview Of Parrotlets

Parrotlets are about 5 inches in length, look very similar to parakeets, but are much more distinct in color. Probably the most popular one, the Pacific parrotlets is also one of the most common of this species, originating from central America and even Mexico. Part of the family of parrots, with their blunt tail and stout bodies, they tend to have a blue streak near their eyes, rump, and also have a distinct green color. You can tell if email from a mail because of the lack of blue coloring and sometimes the absence of the blue streak which is typically near their eyes. One of the reasons for their popularity other than their appearance is that they are perfect for people that live in homes or apartments where having little noise is always appreciated. Parrots are known for their very loud voices, yet parrotlets are extremely quiet. Despite this, they are also able to learn simple phrases, and will repeat words that they are taught. They can also become aggressive if you do not pay enough attention to them, and they have a very strong beak, and aspect of the species that many people forget until they are actually bitten.

Behavior And Personality Traits

These birds have a very distinct personality, one that is typically not submissive. They can be affectionate, yet they are extremely willful and feisty birds, and are great companions for people that enjoy hand feeding their birds on a regular basis. Studies have shown that the more handling that these birds have with humans, the more likely it is that they will become extremely tame and docile. However, they are seldomly recommended as the perfect pet for kids, making them very much a bird for adults that have time on their hands in order to handle them with care.

Places To Look To Find Parrotlets For Sale

Although you can find parrotlets at many pet stores, you might want to consider researching to find where the best prices will be finding parrotlet birds for sale online. The amount of money that you spend may dramatically shift once you have found a company that regularly sells birds at a discount, and you will be able to take advantage of their low prices. Make sure that you choose one that has what appears to be a more gentle disposition before bringing it home, giving you a higher chance of being able to handle the bird without incident. They are very beautiful animals, ones that you should certainly own if you enjoy parrots, or similar birds, a pet that you will certainly be proud of.


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